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Personal Cyber Insurance

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Technology is embedded in our daily lives. And these days, with multiple devices and online accounts, you may have a massive digital footprint, ripe for hard-working hackers to access your sensitive personal data. These hackers could take out loans or apply for unemployment, all in your name.

But that’s not all — cyber theft can cripple you with hefty financial consequences too. Cybercrime is practically limitless. Luckily, Blink Cyber coverage provided by Plapp Insurance Services is your safety net.

Coverage is affordable, easy, and effortless — a one-stop-shop solution for your cyber insurance. Whether you need to recover from identity theft, combat cyber extortion, or fight back against cyberbullying, Plapp Insurance Services is always here for you. Call us today to speak with licensed agent, Scott Plapp, or request a quote using our secure quote form.

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Customer Reviews

He also emailed me the policies and I was able to e-sign- VERY convenient.

Erin C

He gets me what I need when I need, makes good suggestions, etc.

Dane K

Have and will continue to recommend people to him and his services

Kris D

Outstanding Service!

Joe S