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Retailers Insurance

from Plapp Insurance Services

Retailers Insurance

If you own a retail shop, you need good insurance coverage. Whether you do business in a store front, or have a booming online business, you need a way to protect your business income as well as your inventory. Plapp Insurance Services loves working with entrepreneurs. After all, we’re entrepreneurs ourselves, so in addition to knowing about insurance, we know what it takes to start and maintain a small business. Let us handle the insurance so you can get back to growing your retail business.

Customizable Retailers Policies

No two retail stores are exactly alike, so Plapp Insurance Services won’t try to fit your retail business with a one-size-fits-most insurance package. Instead, we’ll take the time to learn about you, your company and the products you sell. We’ll help you assess your business risks and provide you with information about how to minimize them. Through our network of insurance carriers, we’ll help you find an affordable, effective insurance solution to meet your company’s needs.

Available Insurance Packages

Plapp Insurance Services offers retailers insurance for a wide variety of businesses. We have policies for

  • Clothing boutiques
  • Souvenir shops
  • Electronics stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Music stores
  • Online retailers
  • Florists
  • Pet stores
  • Jewelers
  • Crafters
  • Booksellers
  • Other retail businesses

The size and scope of your retail business will determine the amount and type of insurance coverage you need. Some of our most popular insurance products for retailers include

  • General liability insurance to cover day-to-day operations
  • BOP (business owners policy) insurance
  • Business property coverage for brick-and-mortar as well as other business personal property
  • Flood insurance
  • Commercial vehicle insurance for owned fleets as well as unowned vehicles
  • Electronic equipment coverage
  • Data loss and identity theft protection
  • Crime and employee dishonesty coverage

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to make sure your retail business is properly insured. Call Plapp Insurance Services today to get a free risk assessment and rate review. We can help you with insurance so you can get back to doing the business you love.

Get a Retail quote And start saving money today!

We can find discounts on retail insurance you may not find on your own. Give us a call or send us a message today.

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