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Renters and Homeowners Insurance

from Plapp Insurance Services

Renters and Homeowners Insurance

Whether you rent or own your home, you need a way to protect yourself in the event of a disaster. You need to protect your dwelling, your belongings and your guests. You also need protection for yourself in case something you do causes harm to another person. The right renters insurance or homeowners policy from Plapp Insurance Services can help get you back on your feet in the event of a fire in your home or liability lawsuit against you personally.

Renters Insurance

You may rent an apartment or a house in the suburbs. Chances are your landlord or property management company requires you to carry a minimum renters insurance policy. Although your landlord is responsible for regular repairs and upkeep on your rented home, you are responsible for damage done to the home beyond regular wear-and-tear. Additionally, if a fire or other disaster destroyed furniture, electronics, clothing and other belongings in your rented home, a rental insurance policy may pay to help you replace the lost items.

Homeowners Insurance

If you own your home, you need a homeowners policy. Basic homeowners insurance comes with

  • Dwelling coverage
  • Medical coverage for guests injured in the home
  • Personal liability for you and family living in your home
  • Belongings coverage
  • Additional living expenses

Many of our customers also choose to carry additional coverage. Some of our most popular extended coverage options include

  • Scheduled property riders for expensive or irreplaceable personal property
  • Flood insurance
  • Personal umbrella insurance
  • Rental property coverage
  • Vacation home or seasonal home insurance
  • Vacant dwelling coverage

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance from Plapp Insurance Services comes with many of the same features as standard homeowners insurance. The difference between insuring a house and insuring a condo is that condo insurance does not cover the entire building in which the condo is located. Instead, condo insurance covers most everything from the drywall in, with the possible exemption of certain types of flooring. Call Plapp Insurance Services today to learn more.

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