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Production Insurance

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Production Insurance

Plapp Insurance Services is an enthusiastic supporter of the art scene. As a local insurance agency, we enjoy investing in the arts community by providing production insurance policies for filmmakers and local theatrical organizations. Whether you’re producing a television series to air nationwide or producing a play in conjunction with other local actors, we can write a customized insurance policy to help protect your interests, assistants, actors, volunteers and equipment.

Theatrical Production Insurance

Plapp Insurance Services provides insurance coverage of touring productions as well as theatrical productions at fixed locations. We offer a variety of liability limits and coverage options. Since no two productions are ever alike, we won’t try to fit you with a one-size-most policy. Instead, we’ll take the time to listen and write a customized policy to fit your production needs.

Film Production Coverage

Whether your film production is a private, low-budget enterprise or has a multi-million-dollar budget, Plapp Insurance Services can help you protect your work, workers and equipment. We provide film production insurance for

  • Independent filmmakers
  • Students
  • Production companies
  • Corporate promotional videos
  • Technicians and equipment operators

We offer property coverage as well as liability insurance for rented equipment. We can also insure sets, props and wardrobes. For large productions, we can provide workers compensation coverage as required by the state as well as data loss protection and recovery options for risks associated with ticket sales and other electronic transactions.

The Plapp Insurance Services Production Advantage

We know you can get production insurance from several of our competitors. Plapp Insurance Services, however, offers a personal touch that’s hard to find. We take the time to learn about the production work and interests of our customers. Our founder has a special interest in helping entrepreneurs, actors and artists. We truly want you to succeed in business. Let us help you navigate the world of insurance so you can focus on producing the next blockbuster hit or YouTube sensation.

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