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Insurance for "20-somethings"

from Plapp Insurance Services

Feb 11, 2016

"What, you mean I have to deal with insurance now?!" This exclamation can be commonly heard among "20-somethings" upon entering the "real" world. The realization of this new responsibility of having insurance is usually followed by a look of horror and a roll of the eyes. "20-somethings" may have given it little thought in the past, or may even feel that insurance is something they don't want to deal with, but it is essential to protect one's self and one's possessions. If you are one of these "20-somethings," the following are three important coverages that you should consider:

Renters Insurance

Renters usually assume that the landlord's insurance will cover the contents of their apartment. This is not the case. Your landlord's insurance will not cover the cost of replacing your possessions, but renters insurance will. It protects your personal possessions from numerous perils, such as fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Auto Insurance

If you're like many young adults, being on your own also means purchasing your first car. The cost of insurance added to monthly car payments can be a real financial burden. You may think you can skip insurance to save money but this is not a smart decision. It should be a rule that if you can't afford the insurance, you can't afford the car. Insurance rates vary for different vehicles, so you may want to compare rates before making you final vehicle choice.

Short-term health insurance

If you are searching for employment or between jobs, short-term health insurance provides temporary health benefits for relatively inexpensive premiums. Going without health insurance for even a short time is extremely risky. Unforeseen medical costs could mean disaster for someone without steady employment. It is well worth undertaking the extra costs.

Your new life brings new responsibilities along with new insurance needs. We are here to help ease your transition into your new world and help answer any insurance questions you may have. Please call us or stop by today for more information on an insurance plan that will best protect you.

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