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Cute Critters Cause Homeowner Headaches

Nov 26 2015 A recent study found that wild animals cause $3.8 billion in damage every year in the U.S. alone. From bats to woodpeckers, pesky critters damage roofs, chew wiring, make messes and can represent a big headache to... more

How to Raise a Responsible Driver

Nov 19 2015 When your teenager receives a driver's license, it's both fun and scary -- fun for them, scary for you. Along with that license comes a lot of responsibility and potentially higher insurance rates. Motor vehicle... more

Why Use An Independent Insurance Agent?

Nov 12 2015 Perhaps a better question would be, "Why use an insurance agent at all?" According to some insurance companies, an agent is an unnecessary middleman who brings nothing to the transaction but added cost. Before you... more

Umbrella Policy

Nov 5 2015 Today's business world is full of uncertainties. Due to the many risks that businesses face, lawsuits are becoming as unpredictable as the weather. If your company is forced to pay a large settlement, your primary... more

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