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You don't have to be a millionaire to be sued for millions.

Apr 30 2015 Every year some 4 million teenagers take to the streets across North America and require auto insurance. A parent almost always makes the call to the insurance agent or broker asks, 'How do I get the lowest rate... more

Prevent Violence in the Workplace

Apr 23 2015 Domestic violence thrives in millions of American homes. Many violators and victims have jobs...and domestic violence can breed workplace violence. That's why employers need action plans to address this growing... more

Sleeping on the Job

Apr 16 2015 If your business operates a midnight shift, be alert to employees' sleepiness both on the job and when they are ready to drive home after their shift. Nightshift employees are among the top high-risk groups of... more

Homeowner's Claims are Going to the Dogs

Apr 9 2015 Dog's aren't just the family pet or your best friend these days...they have become a major source of liability to homeowners Luckily, most homeowner's policies cover dog bits within personal liability coverage.... more

Ways to Baffle a Burglar

Apr 2 2015 The odds are high that you or someone near you will be touched by crime this year. Yet caution and common sense can decrease your chances of being a crime victim. Here are some crime prevention tips to keep in... more

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