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Mar 26, 2015

The snow and ice that drape the land in winter can be beautiful--an quite deadly. That same snow and ice will cause many traffic accidents.

If you are planning to purchase a car any time soon, consider buying one with anti-lock brakes. When used correctly, anti-lock brakes (ABS) are safer than other brakes because they prevent your wheels from locking, reducing your chance of skidding on the ice or snow. By maintaining steering control, divers have a better chance of avoiding crashes. Because of that safety benefit, many insurance companies offer a premium discount in many states for vehicles with ABS brakes.

Anti-lock brakes are likely to help drivers on wet or icy roads, since that's when cars are more susceptible to skidding. In addition to reducing skidding, the brakes also lessen stopping distances on slick surfaces. He reminded drivers that because of the nature of anti-lock brakes, it is important to remember not to pump them. Instead, apply firm, steady pressure until the car stops or you steer clear of trouble.

Another good tip is to keep a winter-driving emergency kit in your car, in case you are stranded due to ice or a snowstorm. The kit should contain tire chains, a bag of sand or kitty little to help with traction, a small snow shovel, an ice scraper or brush, a flashlight, booster cables, a blanket, flares and some nonperishable food and bottled water. Cell phones also prove invaluable if you are stranded and have no way to flag down help.

If you do become stuck in a snowdrift or some other winter hazard, remain calm. The number one rule is--don't panic. Stay in your car, since it's your best source of shelter and will give searchers a larger target to look for. Keep your windows cracked for fresh air, tie a scarf or handkerchief to your antenna, and light a flare nearby if you have one. Make your car as visible as possible.

Winter-driving emergency kits, cell phones and ABS brakes will all help you remain safe during the stormy months ahead. Of course, the best rule of thumb is to stay off the roads when there is too much snow or ice out there. Just stay inside, drink some hot chocolate and think warm thoughts. For more information on auto safety and on automobile insurance, please call us or contact us using our contact form.

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