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When You Have an Accident

from Plapp Insurance Services

Feb 12, 2015

You think you'll never need your auto policy. But one day - shazam! Someone crunches your fender at an intersection. What's your next step? Be prepared. Keep a pad of paper, pen, and phone numbers of your agent and insurance company in your glove compartment. Here are some other steps:

1. Keep your car in place. Unless you're creating a hazard, you can better prove your claim if police can record the exact positions of the cars when they crashed.

2. Call an ambulance if anyone is hurt. Clear the area if you smell or see leaking gas, then call the fire department.

3. Call the police. You may need a police report to back up your claim. If officers do come, get their names and badge numbers. Ask for a copy of the report.

4. Admit nothing. Say nothing about who's at fault. Stray comments can work against you in a court or the process.

5. Jot down all details. While your memory is fresh, note the speed of cars involved and how the accident happened.

6. Get personal data. Make sure to get the license plate, year, and make of all cars involved; the other driver's license number, address, work and home phones, insurance agent, company and policy number; and finally the names, address and phone numbers of witnesses and passengers.

Finally, after gathering all of the pertinent information of the accident, you should file your insurance claim. This involves calling your agent immediately and asking them what documents, forms and data you'll need to file your claim. Your independent agent will call your insurance company and get your claim going. Whenever you talk to your agent, lawyers, police or others, write down the date, times, names and subjects you talked about. These can help you and your agent in filing the claim.

If you have any further questions regarding what to do during after an accident, please call us or contact us by using our on-line form.

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