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Trampolines Pose Serious Dangers

Dec 31 2015 The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that trampolines should not be used at home or school and should not be regarded as play equipment. Too many children are being injured, sometimes severely,... more

Top 10 Ways to Avert Auto Theft

Dec 24 2015 While not often a topic of discussion, car theft is a serious problem in Illinois and throughout the United States. The property value lost through stolen vehicles in Illinois adds up to nearly $1 million a day.... more

Prime Time Road Rage

Dec 17 2015 Road rage happens most often at the end of the workweek, on sunny summer days and on congested urban freeways, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. A survey of law enforcement agencies found that one... more

Protecting Your Business From Catastrophe

Dec 10 2015 Evidence indicates that the catastrophe trend is unlikely to end soon. Due to this, it's going to be more important than ever for your business to have a plan for disaster recovery. The better you prepare yourself,... more

Lock In Safety When You Lock Up

Dec 3 2015 Worker safety should be foremost on employers' minds, including after hours. The following simple suggestions will help make for a safer work-place. Make sure bushes or trees do not obstruct windows. A passing... more

Cute Critters Cause Homeowner Headaches

Nov 26 2015 A recent study found that wild animals cause $3.8 billion in damage every year in the U.S. alone. From bats to woodpeckers, pesky critters damage roofs, chew wiring, make messes and can represent a big headache to... more

How to Raise a Responsible Driver

Nov 19 2015 When your teenager receives a driver's license, it's both fun and scary -- fun for them, scary for you. Along with that license comes a lot of responsibility and potentially higher insurance rates. Motor vehicle... more

Why Use An Independent Insurance Agent?

Nov 12 2015 Perhaps a better question would be, "Why use an insurance agent at all?" According to some insurance companies, an agent is an unnecessary middleman who brings nothing to the transaction but added cost. Before you... more

Umbrella Policy

Nov 5 2015 Today's business world is full of uncertainties. Due to the many risks that businesses face, lawsuits are becoming as unpredictable as the weather. If your company is forced to pay a large settlement, your primary... more

Are Cellular Phones Covered?

Oct 29 2015 Many people today would be lost without cellular phones in their cars. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. If your car is wrecked or stolen, so is your cell phone. Your damaged or missing cell phone is not... more

Understanding teen driver car crashes and what parents can do.

Oct 22 2015 Whenever we get behind the wheel of a car we begin the process of risk analysis and risk assessment. We are looking about and answering these questions with every glance, 'Is there anything in my way keeping me... more

Eight Tips For Getting Ready For RV Season

Oct 15 2015 If you enjoy roaming the road with your recreational vehicle (RV), you have lots of company. Millions enjoy that freedom, too. Here are some general tips that will help to steer you towards a stress-free season on... more

Prepare Your Staff On How To Behave In A Robbery

Oct 8 2015 Never try to be a hero in a robbery. It doesn't take much to provoke an armed robber to harm someone in a crime that usually lasts only two or three minutes. Your No. 1 goal is to keep everyone on the premises safe.... more

Workers' Comp Should Travel With Employees

Oct 1 2015 A costly but avoidable financial exposure for businesses is what happens when an employee is injured on the job, out of state. One third of U.S. workers travel on business. When an employee is injured on the job... more

Keeping a Rein on Workers' Comp Premiums

Sep 24 2015 Over the last decade, workers' compensation premiums have more than doubled. Many factors are responsible for this increase, including rising medical costs, an aging workforce, and injuries - including those newly... more

Get "Up and Running" Quickly After a Computer Disaster

Sep 17 2015 Suppose you open your doors for business one morning only to discover that water damage from heavy rains the night before has shorted out your computer equipment, leaving your automated systems inoperative. Or,... more

Workplace Heat: Keep Your Employees Cool!

Sep 10 2015 When you think of heat stress, you may picture outdoor workers in the hot sun. There are many other workers who face hot conditions and never work outdoors. For example, workers in foundries, laundries,... more

Are Your Home Improvement Plans Covered

Sep 3 2015 There are many questions that might run through your mind when you consider remodeling your home. Perhaps where to add a sun-room, what kind of cupboards of countertops would look best in the kitchen, or what color... more

Don't Let Your Guard Down When Away From Home on Business

Aug 27 2015 If your job involves stays in hotels or motels, one of the first things you should do is locate the emergency exits and stairs nearest your room. Make sure you know the closest fire escape, too. In addition: Use... more

Top 10 Business Safety Tips

Aug 20 2015 There's a lot to be said for creating a safe work environment. Generally, employees are happier and healthier, production is better, and insurance premiums are lower in a safe workplace. However, maintaining a safe... more

Beware of Dryer Fire

Aug 13 2015 Maintaining the safety of your clothes dryer takes more than cleaning out the lint trap after each load of laundry. Birds, rodents or insects sometimes enter from the outside exhaust portal; their nests along with... more

Protect Your Home From Fire--Fire Safety Tips

Aug 6 2015 Unlike hurricanes or earthquakes, fire is one threat that homeowners can significantly reduce through routine maintenance and good safety habits. There are several steps you can take inside and outside your home to... more

Protect Your Trade Secrets

Jul 30 2015 It is becoming less and less common for employees to stay at one job for the majority of their careers. As job turnover increases, companies are not only losing employees, but also some of their trade secrets.... more

How Business Owners can Fight Fraud

Jul 23 2015 Businesses of all sizes and varieties make great targets for insurance fraud. The National insurance Crime Bureau notes that while the following scenarios do not mean fraud has been committed, employers should be... more

Allergy aids can hamper driving

Jul 16 2015 You know drinking and driving is a bad idea, but do you realize some allergy medications can impair your driving ability? Common prescription drugs (including medications to treat allergies, diabetes, high blood... more

MSDs Cripple Business

Jul 9 2015 Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) can be so severe that some people may be unable to do something as simple as comb their hair, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA). Companies spend... more

Insuring Antiques

Jul 2 2015 Are you the proud owner of fine antique furniture or collectibles? If you have inherited Aunt Mary's Chippendale chairs, or some Tiffany lamps, you must insure them as antiques in order to be fully compensated if... more


Jun 25 2015 You're sitting at an intersection, en route to the bank to make a deposit. The moneybag is in the passenger-side seat because you're alone in your car. Suddenly, someone smashes the passenger-side window, reaches... more

Know Your ABCs When Using Fire Extinguishers

Jun 18 2015 Portable fire extinguishers are excellent pieces of safety equipment in the home and workplace. But it's as important to use them correctly as it is to place them in easy-access locations in case of a fire. Fires... more

Eight Tips For The Road Ahead

Jun 11 2015 Be Safe, Be Smart On A Long-Distance Road Trip Whether youre traveling alone, with a buddy or with your spouse and a car full of kids, there are few things more American than the long-distance road trip. Countless... more

Personal Or Commercial Car Insurance: Which Is Right For You?

Jun 4 2015 If, like many Americans, your family car is also used for purposes that could be considered commercial use, you may want to steer yourself into a chair and look over your insurance policy. Youll need to consider... more

Eight Tips To Gear Up To Motorcycle Season

May 28 2015 To steer this riding season in the right direction, youll want to make sure your motorcycleand your motorcycle insurance policyare in good working order before hitting the open road. While you should always check... more

Make Sure Your Holiday or Birthday Gifts are Protected

May 21 2015 Did you receive that ring, computer or other expensive gift you've always wanted during the holidays or for your birthday? Congratulations, but remember, there's one more thing to do after you recycle that wrapping... more

Get Complete Coverage With a Personal Umbrella

May 14 2015 In addition to reviewing and updating your insurance program regularly, you can avoid possible gaps by purchasing a personal umbrella policy. Once a policy used only by the wealthy, personal umbrellas are now... more

How to be Safe Outdoors When Lightning Strikes

May 7 2015 About 100,000 thunderstorms strike each year in the U.S., according to the National Weather Service. Every one of them is dangerous because all thunderstorms produce lightning, as well as possible heavy rain, flash... more

You don't have to be a millionaire to be sued for millions.

Apr 30 2015 Every year some 4 million teenagers take to the streets across North America and require auto insurance. A parent almost always makes the call to the insurance agent or broker asks, 'How do I get the lowest rate... more

Prevent Violence in the Workplace

Apr 23 2015 Domestic violence thrives in millions of American homes. Many violators and victims have jobs...and domestic violence can breed workplace violence. That's why employers need action plans to address this growing... more

Sleeping on the Job

Apr 16 2015 If your business operates a midnight shift, be alert to employees' sleepiness both on the job and when they are ready to drive home after their shift. Nightshift employees are among the top high-risk groups of... more

Homeowner's Claims are Going to the Dogs

Apr 9 2015 Dog's aren't just the family pet or your best friend these days...they have become a major source of liability to homeowners Luckily, most homeowner's policies cover dog bits within personal liability coverage.... more

Ways to Baffle a Burglar

Apr 2 2015 The odds are high that you or someone near you will be touched by crime this year. Yet caution and common sense can decrease your chances of being a crime victim. Here are some crime prevention tips to keep in mind:... more

Tips for Driving Safely in Winter and Avoiding Accidents

Mar 26 2015 The snow and ice that drape the land in winter can be beautiful--an quite deadly. That same snow and ice will cause many traffic accidents. If you are planning to purchase a car any time soon, consider buying one... more

The Hidden Costs of Business Accidents

Mar 19 2015 An estimated 3 million U.S. employees are injured annually in work-related accidents, according to the Insurance Research Council. But the damage doesn't stop there. Entire companies can suffer from an on-the-job... more

The Top 10 Reasons to Purchase the Rental Car CDW/LDW

Mar 12 2015 To paraphrase Shakespeare, To purchase the CDW or not to purchase the CDW, that is the question. It has been debated for years whether or not a person renting a vehicle should purchase the Collision (or Loss)... more

Need a New Roof? Try Hail-Resistant Shingles

Mar 5 2015 If you live in a hail-prone area, here's one thing you can do to protect your home. When choosing a roofing material, look for asphalt or composition shingles that carry an Underwriters Laboratories Class 4 impact-... more

Why Use An Independent Insurance Agent?

Feb 26 2015 Perhaps a better question would be, "Why use an insurance agent at all?" According to some insurance companies, an agent is an unnecessary middleman who brings nothing to the transaction but added cost. Before you... more

Make Your Mailroom Safe

Feb 19 2015 New threats to your employees' safety appear frequently from all sorts of sources. Knowing how to protect your business and employees from the latest risk takes constant vigilance. The possible danger lurking in... more

When You Have an Accident

Feb 12 2015 You think you'll never need your auto policy. But one day - shazam! Someone crunches your fender at an intersection. What's your next step? Be prepared. Keep a pad of paper, pen, and phone numbers of your agent and... more

Know Your ABCs When Using Fire Extinguishers

Feb 5 2015 Portable fire extinguishers are excellent pieces of safety equipment in the home and workplace. But it's as important to use them correctly as it is to place them in easy-access locations in case of a fire. Fires... more

Take Steps to Raise Employee Awareness About Dangers of Substance Abuse

Jan 29 2015 You may employ a substance abuser without realizing it. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nearly three-fourths of the 14 million Americans who illegally use drugs have jobs. Drug and... more

Plunging Into A Water Loss

Jan 22 2015 When documents, books, records and other materials have sustained water damage, the magnitude of the recovery job may seem overwhelming. Having a working knowledge of the important things to do - and not to do -... more

Rebuilding Costs Crucial When Insuring Your Home

Jan 15 2015 It doesn't matter if it's a sprawling mansion or a cozy bungalow, a suburban rambler or an in-city townhouse, there's no place like home. And when it comes to insurance, your home is probably worth much more than... more

Checking for Fraud

Jan 8 2015 Check manufacturers have been taking measures to make it harder for people to copy, alter or counterfeit these instruments of payment. The National Check Fraud Center says among those security features are:... more

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