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Plapp Insurance Services places all forms of Personal and Business Insurance in Florida, Illinois, Arkansas, and Wisconsin.

Our mission is to provide information regarding property and liability insurance when asked and to help place such insurance when it is prudent to do so.

Scott Plapp started in the family insurance business in 1982 and then purchased it in 1988. (The agency was purchased by his father in 1957, but its roots go back to 1942.) From 1957 until 2017 the office was in Berwyn, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. In early 2017, Scott and his wife moved to Arkansas, just outside of Hot Springs, where he opened an office. Prior to moving, he partnered with an agency in a neighboring suburb to provide a local contact for his Chicago area clients and to gain access to additional insurance companies. Then, in January 2020, Scott and his wife moved to Viera on Florida’s “Space Coast”. He was about to lease an office when the pandemic hit. The uncertainty it caused gave him time to think about the future of the business. One thing was obvious, a physical office location was not necessary, or even desirable. Another issue that came to light was Florida, with its problematic property insurance market, was going to be a difficult place to establish an agency. So, rather than try to put together the stable of insurance companies and brokers that would be needed, he again decided to partner with another agency, choosing one that had the needed experience in Florida, Olson Insurance Group. Olson offers all types of insurance products for individuals, families, and businesses, along with risk management resources, and 24/7 policyholder service. The partnership with Olson allows Scott to work from just about anywhere, providing the support needed to place insurance in Florida and elsewhere.

State Producer Numbers: FL – W625443; IL – 330708; AR – 330708; WI – 330708
Business Entity Numbers: FL – L112771; IL – 10029694

Plapp Insurance Services is an Affiliate of Olson Insurance Group

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